Office carpets play a big role in staff and visiting-client comfort, professional image, as well as carpet cleaning and replacement costs in Toronto.

So, how do you make the right choices? We have gathered office carpet information below, empowering you to make the right choices!

What Should An Office Carpet Bring To Your Business?

A well-chosen carpet that is strategically designed to fit the interior decor will give your business the following benefits:

  • Provide sound dampening
  • Give directional guidance
  • Reduce slip and trip risks
  • Provide greater comfort
  • Help with energy savings
  • Provide a more luxurious interior style
  • Easier carpet cleaning and durability

Sound dampening

This enhances your staff’s concentration and mental stamina, thereby reducing sick days.

Directional guidance

This is very handy in large companies or for businesses with a large numbers of visitors. For example: “The meeting is in the Green Meeting Room on the 3rd floor. Follow the green floor stripe.”

Reduce slip-and-trips

There are entire legal departments dedicated to slip-and-trips on tiles. You avoid this with carpets.

Cleaning and durability

Walking or standing on hard floor tiles all day speeds up fatigue. A carpet provides a soft, springy surface and increases overall perceived comfort. It also reduces the risk of joint inflammation.

Energy savings:

Carpet fibres trap heat in winter and reduce cold radiation from icy concrete slabs. In summer, they insulate against heat, giving you long-term energy savings.

Luxurious interior style:

Office carpets of today are diverse, offering designer interiors that can look anywhere from luxurious and elegant, to edgy and uber-contemporary.

Cleaning and durability

Office carpets give you a finish that is easier to clean than a domestic carpet and last for years.

Choosing Your Perfect Office Carpet

When choosing your office carpet, be sure to factor in the amount of foot traffic it will need to be designed for. Also, ask for information on the installation, as some carpets have a pattern that needs to be followed, increasing the labour hours for the installation.

Opt for high-durability, stain-resistant carpets in your high-foot-traffic areas, e.g. under office chairs and desks, reception desks, and corridors. Carpeting your reception area will be more welcoming, calming, and luxurious.

Carpets with a denser mass of fibres and integrated backing are a top option for noisy areas like open-plan sales offices.

Wall to wall – These rolls are usually more costly than carpet tiles but are perfect for high-end areas that need luxury, e.g. reception, restaurants, dining rooms and boardrooms.

Carpet tiles – These are cost-effective and have less installation time, costs and wastage. Single tiles can be replaced if damaged. They are designed for very high foot-traffic areas.

Tufted – The majority of office carpets are tufted. They can be looped or cut-pile. Looped tends to be more durable as it doesn’t flatten like a pile.

Woven – A woven carpet is more expensive, but you will notice the difference. The yarns are usually more luxurious, e.g. wool, silk, viscose, or blends. Their sound dampening is unparalleled and they are appropriate for a handful of high-end areas.

Needle-punched – Great as outdoor rugs, they are tough and very practical. Use them in tricky areas as they withstand moisture. There are funky design options available.

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