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Toronto Carpet Cleaning Services

At Applewood Maintenance, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of carpet cleaning & carpet extraction service in Toronto. We guarantee our work and strive to exceed your expectations with every cleaning. Just as it important to vacuuming your carpets regularly, so is the regular cleaning of the carpet. We are able to assist you with this due to our high powered cleaning equipment that is able to thoroughly remove elements that have become ground in over time. We are able to keep your commercial carpeting looking impeccable over time.

Our cleaning solutions and equipment target soils that are derived from tracked in dirt, air pollution and more. The particles of soil tend to find themselves deposited on the carpet’s fibers which gradually causes the significant dulling of the carpet’s colors. When you choose to clean the carpets within your business before they become unsightly, it will make the process far easier and less costly.

As a general rule of thumb, carpets need to be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on the amount of traffic. It is also important to recognize that carpet protection will result in easier stain and soil removal as well as cleaning. Regardless of when you last had the carpets of your business cleaned, we are able to thoroughly clean them due to the fact that we utilize a high power machine up to 600 psi as well as a Gum Removal.

With your scheduled carpet cleaning appointment, you will be provided with the following

  • A pre-inspection
  • Pre-spotting/pre-treating of spots and stains
  • Light furniture moving: At no point will any electronics be moved. Anything that is fragile, etc. will be asked to be moved before our arrival. We will move any chairs, couches, tables, etc. in order to afford an expressly thorough cleaning.
  • Extraction: With the use of our powerful cleaning unit, we will be able to thoroughly rinse the carpet with soft water. Our units are able to heat water to a sanitizing 230 degrees with vacuum power that will leave carpets virtually dry.
  • An Inspection: This includes a final walk through as well as care instructions for your commercial carpet.