Bonnet Cleaning

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What Is bonnet cleaning?

Bonnet cleaning is a type of carpet cleaning wherein it utilizes a cleaning agent that’s often mixed with carbonated water, in order to spread the cleaning solution efficiently and mist over the carpet. A “bonnet” with a super absorbent covering is run over the soiled parts after. When the covering becomes soiled or dirty, all that is needed is to replace it with a new or clean one.

What are carpet bonnets?

Carpet bonnets are sturdy fiber devices that’s placed over the rotors of carpet cleaning machines. Usually, a carpet bonnet is made of fiber blend, which includes rayon, cotton, and sometimes, even polyester.

A carpet bonnet could be woven into a material that’s resembles a low-shag carpet. In some occasions, the design could also be similar to a looped carpet. There’s a wide range of carpet bonnet available on the market today, but the combined design is often preferable because it’s ideal on any thickness of carpet.

Benefits Of bonnet cleaning

  • It is capable of absorbing a great deal of moisture, while maintaining the ability of gently lifting surface dirt or grime from a carpet.
  • It dries quickly and very efficient in cleaning.
  • It allows a means of pulling out extra soil that’s left behind after extraction– resulting to an even out appearance of the carpet.
  • It’s very affordable, that almost anyone could give this service a try.
  • It protects carpets, because unlike other forms of carpet cleaning services, it doesn’t heat up nor cause any serious damage.

Overall, bonnet cleaning offers the advantage of making the carpet look exactly the same once it’s dry, without the worry that it will easily get soiled after. That being said, it is considered to be the easiest method to learn, and also known to be ideal for those tough to get out stains.