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The most common and considered to be the most reliable and efficient way of removing gum from anyone’s carpet is through the use of temperature. Considering the fact that gum is often chewed at a 98 degree temperature inside the mouth, it would have a reaction once it gets cold– extremely cold to the extent of freezing.

Frozen gum, like almost anything on its frozen state gets very hard and brittle. As a matter of fact, it even gets too brittle that it could easily fall apart. That’s why the best way to remove gum from a carpet is by freezing it. Or with the use of carpet extraction.

What Is Carpet Extraction?
It’s a process where chemical is sprayed on the area and it freezes the area. After a while, removing any gunk or gum becomes easier.

Here are some of the benefits of using cold carpet extraction when removing the gum:

  • With cold water, cleaning chemicals stay where it should belong– in the carpet. This means that it’s not only beneficial for cleaning, but on the user’s lungs as well.
  • The use of cold water extraction can also improve the worker’s productivity. There’s no need to use any devices just to freeze the area; by simply spraying the chemical used, in no time, the dirt, gum, or gunk can be removed.

That being said, when it comes to gum removal from a carpet, the principle of “a gum being chewed will become sticky, but a chewed stick of gum that’s frozen will not stick to anything.” In simpler terms, with the use of a chemical to freeze the gum on a carpet to the extent that it will break into tiny pieces, will allow the user to remove the gum with ease.

This is the main reason why a lot of home owners prefer this gum removal method among others, such as heating or blotting.