Whether your office is a home office, a doctor’s office, or a large, open-plan commercial office, it will get used a lot more than most areas within a building. People not only work at their desks, but they also eat, sneeze, and put bags on the surface that have also sat on the floor. 

Before you start steam cleaning your entire office daily, let’s look at a recommended janitorial cleaning services schedule for offices.

Cleaning Schedules

Keeping your office clean can be a challenge as many parts make up an efficient working space. Having a schedule and checklist makes it less overwhelming and easier to tackle.

The cleaning is more manageable when the tasks are split into daily, weekly and monthly routines. This will be strongly influenced by the size of the overall office, the number of janitorial cleaning service team members required, and the amount of dirt.

Not all tasks can be executed by in-house teams, as it doesn’t make financial sense for every company to invest in high-tech cleaning equipment. We recommend that you divide the allocated tasks on your schedules between in-house and sub-contracted cleaning service teams. These can be weekly tasks or deep cleaning carpets and upholstery every six months. 

Some contractors recommend deep-cleaning carpets and furniture annually, but a lot of dirt, bacteria and damage can accumulate over a year. 

Daily Cleaning Schedule

As a helpful guideline, you might want to consider these tasks to be listed on your daily cleaning schedule:

  • Wash crockery and cutlery
  • Sanitize horizontal surfaces
  • Sweep and mop the cafeteria floor
  • Clean the microwave
  • Tidy up and dust communal areas
  • Sweep, mop, and sanitize bathrooms
  • Wash front facade windows
  • Empty and sanitize waste and recycle bins

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

These are tasks that fit well into a weekly cleaning schedule:

  • Empty, clean and sanitize any communal fridges, including their seals
  • Dust, clean and sanitize employee desks, conference rooms, and break areas
  • Vacuum carpets (in a doctor’s office, this might be considered twice a week to reduce allergic reactions from dust-sensitive patients)
  • Generally, mop throughout the building
  • Vacuum upholstery and wipe down vinyl or faux leather
  • Wash windows
  • Clean light fittings (this may require maintenance staff if fitted glass shades have gathered insects or internal dust)
  • Wash skirting boards
  • Sanitize drains

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

These are the recommended task for a monthly checklist:

  • Dust and clean vents and ceiling fans
  • Move appliances and clean below and under them, e.g. fridge, microwave, printers
  • Dust and clean bookcases and shelves 
  • Move furniture items such as couches and clean under and behind them
  • Mop tiled floors, wipe and clean tiled walls, and vacuum and polish hardwood floors
  • Wash outdoor furniture

Every Six Months Or Annually

Deep clean upholstery, rugs, curtains,  and blinds (and mattresses if you have a sick bay) every six months. Have all your brass, copper, chrome, and silver fittings polished at these intervals as well.

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